ur philosophy

Our first store was founded in 2008.

With passion and hard work, Vasilis Papadiamantis made his business dream come true, by managing to transform the simple oven into a fully developed bakery. With love and passion for bakery, we have managed to marry the old way with the new one, following the new trends of bakery with a different approach, with products and flavors that we constantly renew, with sophisticated machines and always having constant value handmade bakery.
Every day we choose fresh and first quality raw materials. Early in the morning our production starts with the first steamy loaves, hot buns and our traditional pies in order to be ready and available early in the morning.
Our goal is to create products that satisfy each of you individually at the best price and through the best service always with a smile.
Your trust all these years is the greatest source for our evolution.
Το Φρατζολίνο - Η Ομάδα


Fratzolino’s family is constantly growing. It is our team that manage to evolve and share the same passion, the same mood, the same love and the same enthusiasm for our art, in order to give joy to our customers. Your trust, your daily contact and your smiles are the proof of our evolution.