…that worth until the last crumb)
More than 19 types of bread for all tastes, hours and meals

Rustic, pre-fermented, slow ripening, multigrain, barley, double fermented, rye, corn, Zeas etc. None of our breads contain sugar, preservatives, oil (olive oil is used only in olive breads).

Το Φρατζολίνο - Bread

Bakery Products

With our fresh doughs we create a wide variety of products with fresh and pure ingredients, so that at any time of the day you can find what you want.

Croissants, buns, donuts, cheese breads – olive breads etc., cakes, cereal bars etc.


A wide variety of products that ranges from classic recipes, to the most modern variations.

Delicious syrupy sweets, day sweets, treats, chocolates, ice creams, cake pops etc.

Το Φρατζολίνο - Muffin

Puff and pastry

With experience and expertise in both traditional puff and pastry, we offer savory and sweet products, with new, original shapes and recipes.

Traditional handmade pies, handmade puff pastry with fillings, savory and sweet snacks etc.

Το Φρατζολίνο - Sticks


Handmade and fresh savory breadsticks (without added sugar) or sweet cookies in more than 15 flavors for all tastes.

Bread sticks, crackers, children’s cookies etc.

Το Φρατζολίνο - Cookie

Seasonal Products

Savory and sweet versions are made at specific times of the year for lovers of rich Greek tradition.

Kourampiedes, melomakarona, new year cakes, diples, chocolate eggs, gingerbread etc.

Also find…

…Gluten free products (in collaboration with Gatidis fresh- exclusive collaboration in Ioannina) and freshly baked espresso taresso in specific stores.